To be Happy or Being Happy

I am curious that some people are easy to be happy but some others need to do many things to make them happy. In my opinion to be happy means that you’ll do something, buy something, get something so that you’ll feel happy. Happiness becomes a product or kinds of result from you are doing something.

Well it might be failed when you’re trying harder to get or buy something you want but you don’t get it then you might be unhappy. If that so then life’s Gonna be so difficult because happiness becomes something which is rare or even expensive.

Meanwhile being happy is cheaper I think. To me, being happy is a feeling not a result of doing or buying something. Wherever we are and however our condition will be, being happy are our right and our choice. I’m wondering there’re lots of people are easier being happy and even being happier. They don’t need a dozen of roses, a box of chocolate or even money in their bank accounts but they’re still happy with their own. How easy they are 😀

Therefore, Being happy is cheaper since we can be happy with have no reason and I think that’s kind of blessing. Some people might be so difficult to make them being happy since lots of problems put them into unhappy choice. But still being happy is still in your right; you want to get it or not is you decide. I am trying myself for being happy and being happier for no matter life will be. If something makes me down I’m just get myself realize that being happy is free so why not be? Now, what would you choose?



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